Drinks at Tulum

Tulum Riviera Maya is a stunning piece of paradise.

Nestled along the beach between the Tulum Mayan ruins to the north, and Siaan Kaan national park with its half a million hectares to the south, Tulum offers all possible scenarios:  beaches, coral reefs, tropical forest, dunes, cenotes and lagoons.  Merging local elements with those from afar, full of passion in music, arts, culture, fashion and gastronomy, and alll along staying true to its essence—a small and relaxed town along the seashore.  Breathe the fresh air, brought in with the cool sea breeze and purified through the lush jungle touching its shores, and start to experience Tulum.

A vibe unique to its own, Tulum gives you a chance to self-reflect.  Experience its spas and reconnect with your inner self in ancient Mayan techniques handed down through the generations.  Daily yoga as the sun makes its way above the sea painting the sky in pastels, and temazcals as the sun goes down under the vivid night stars.  The smell of copal in the air cleanses your senses, and reconnects you with nature.  Meditate to the sound of the waves washing in to shore, and air blowing softly through the palms.

Or, self-indulge.  Dotted with sunbeds and palm trees by day, experience the excellent service paramount to none other.  Tulum alone is home to over 550 dining options and beach clubs.  Fresh seafood and traditional Mayan cuisine highlight the culinary offerings, serving world renowned dishes by decorated chefs. Numerous boutiques invite you to shop its artisan boho chic designs .  Or by night, dine and dance under the stars as the moon rises far above.